The reason I am into kite surfing so much is because I am a complete ocean soul. When I need piece, harmony, to cry, meditate, feel energy, motivation and inspiraion.. The ocean is where I end up turning myself to. And it always does its magic.

Here in Cape Town I was lucky to meet people with huge kite passion that helped me get started and I must say that was like a present for my soul.

Calm as the ocean can be, ocean is also one of the most intense places. Kite surfing is my “life sport”, it is balancing my active life out. It makes me so incredible happy.

It would be fun addition to enter competition. I love the preparation for a goal and the rush to perform. But to compete is not the reason why I kite.

Because when I launch that kite, feeling the force from the wind pulling the harness around my waist, lifting my feet off the beach. Seeing the big swell with lots of big powerful white water. I know I am entering something wild and there I am probably going to have one or two big hits and some rough tumbling within the waves. The feeling I receive when I ride the surface of that wild ocean, the speed and the water splashing up over my body, nothing else is on my mind than just that moment. That is a feeling of freedom and that is why I will go out there every time I can. No matter in what condition because it will release me from everything else and just keep me in that moment.
Positive thoughts and vibes from a woman down (stomach flu) Malin on a Durban surf holiday.



The photos from this post are from my two Spanish friends Maria and Inigo that stayed in Cape Town last season. We shared some very special kite moments together. Hope we will meet somewhere in the world again!



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