My advice today: Practice your courage and start making changes

We often refer change to something risky, unknown, scary and unmotivated to do..

If I scroll back in time of my own life, looking back to all people I have met, places I have moved to, what I have worked with, activities, things I really wanted to do and thought I was suppose to be doing, but something somehow stopped me from getting there and even the most random unexpected experiences I have been through

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. After many year later, I can see a very clear string through all of this and see how it all is connected and taken me to where I stand today.

One of the biggest reason, perhaps the biggest reason, why I am here is because:

I choose to make a change, because I was not feeling I was right.

Something that looked and felt like an unknown, very risky choice back then, that I chose and had to experiencing stress, tears, loneliness etc. Have given me believe and faith.  I can live the life I have always been dreaming of

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. The changes is only the process to get there.

I don’t think we will ever be free from stress or wonder what or where we are going. But I do know we can live with these feelings under a lot better circumstances and surroundings, and we can always choose to feel grateful and happy.


Jazz, happy to go back to her paddock after a formation dance (ride) session in the dark

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