Last Wednesday evening I got a late call from my father letting me know that my 93 year old grand aunt was about to say farewell to us

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This was one strong Russian lady that I have shared so many special moments with and listen to stories from through out my whole life. I just had to travel back and say farewell. The next day I left and traveled home to my hometown Borås in Sweden.

Today she is free, and free is the feeling she deserves.

I can never imagine what you have seen and how it was to grow up during the end of Second World War. Growing up in such danger, constant chase, and as a young girl exchanging your only nice item, a dress for a bag of potatoes to help your family to put food on your table after not eating in 10 days... To leave everything you own behind and run away from home.. got separated from your father and brother, my grandfather

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. As a young teenager being put in concentration camp. In there you and your mum was sick with tuberculosis and you lost your mum...

Somehow, you manage to get well again and released from concentration camp. After many years living in Finland, eventually, somehow you got in contact with your brother again and found your way to Borås, which became my hometown and you could carry on living. But was never in peace.

Helmi, you are a strong woman. There is no one out there that I know today that can compare to what you have gone through. People complains, nothing is easy enough.

You lived your whole life with trauma from Second World War and the Finish Winter War, and yet you NEVER complained or gave up. You did not believe and have faith in the people or in love, but still kept going.

You never stopped sharing stories and memories, and kept inspiring me to be grateful.

You crazy old power woman, you even broke your hip bone falling in the bus at age mid 80 and you did not want the nice comfortable care from hospital. Because there are people out there that have it worse than you..

You lived more than anyone, but you had to live and see the dark side of the world.

Thank you for believing in me and for all our times together. For your support to my choice of finding my own happiness and life out in the world and never saying I shouldn't keep going. I felt you believed in me, you knew that I found light in life and your strength and willpower will always remain within me as I moving on.

I am crying out of happiness when I am saying farewell to you because finally you are released from this "hell", and you finally live in light and for the first time with only love. You never gave up.

You are my biggest inspiration and I will always love you.

The world showed no light for you, but there was always light inside you to give me.

This is a photo from 2013 when me and my cousin traveled to Russia to visit her small village “Ristikylä” and see where our routes came from

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  1. You were lucky to have her in this life and you will meet her again in the next. Her power spirit; that inspired you to be the strong free woman you are today, is now soaring high in the heavens. And as she looks down, I have no doubt that she is really proud of who you have become. I wish you and the family strength in your loss and happiness in her memory.

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