When it comes to feeling fear

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For me, it quickly transform into a feeling of “mission”.

Obviously I am feeling fear about the unknown, in big changes or a big challenge, but that´s normal. The only way to deal with it is to accept it. Allow that fear..
Even take some moments and think about what the very worst thing that could happen would be. The very worst thing… Then, how big is that chance for it to happen

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. What do I need to be doing to avoid that. And the less worst things before that may not be that bad..
And by going through the actual roots of my fear I can then push it to the side and continue my mission and enjoy that moment of change, action or what ever it may be.

When we realize we can deal with fear a whole new world will present itself. Things, places, people will appear that we could only imagine in our hearts. There will be new opportunities because we stepped into new area.

The more of this we experience the more control we get and the more choices we have to choose better consequences for our future. The times we realize that a stressful challenge is actually a very valuable stepping stone, or a “seed” for us to grow, we can deal with the fear and live the life we want.. But we sort of have to go through some pain to make it better.

And one more thing.. remember..


Faith is courage. Believe and be Brave


Fear is just a thing.. Don´t let it stop you

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