What the hell is wrong with humans. Do we really have to chainsaw the horns off these beautiful animals to keep them alive? Poaching and hunting rhinos in South Africa is a huge problem, mainly because of their extremely valuable horns and EVERY DAY 1-3 rhinos get killed for this.

Groupelephant.com is doing something about this…

I got the opportunity to be part of a very unique experience and was welcome to come and support and observe the full process of Groupelephants.com and ElephantsRhinosPeople.NGO catching and de-horning 8 rhinos this day…to save their lives.

Did you know:

There are only about 20,000 left in the world..

1400 get poached annually…

1gram of Rhino horn is worth 100 USD…

Every year a horn grows about 10 cm back out again.. So a de-horning will be done about every 3-4 years in order to not let poachers attack them..

The de-horning organization includes a whole crew of Vets, Rhino specialists, Security, Police, specialized helicopter pilot.. Making sure the state of the Rhinos health is good every second of the operation and security observing the area for potential attaching poachers..

I can almost not believe I got to be this close to this amazing animal. A rhino, such beautiful big creature

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. It was hard to process the whole chainsaw thing- cutting the horn off, their beautiful personal body-part- To actually save their lives. Just as beautiful this was, it was sad, scary and terrible to realize what humans does for money. My four years in South Africa has really thought me a lot more about life, to be aware, about safety, gratefulness and  it makes me want to give and share any good things about life that I can.

Life is valuable, lets make it as good as we can for all of us

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Thank you Alex and Quinton for taking me with to experience and realize what actually is going on out there.

See the full photo album from this day HERE on my ADVENTURE PAGE

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