The feeling of falling.

Something that can be described in thousands different feelings. I have done 40 jumps since I started a few months ago. Perhaps my perspective of falling will change over time

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. Perhaps is going to stay just as, or even become MORE free, wild, exciting and f**** INSANE for every jump here after.

I am actually laughing a bit inside. The true reality of people is more crazy than I ever thought. Maybe because I am raised in Sweden and life is so safe and you´re suppose to be so normal and perfect for everybody else than ourselves, we get taught to hide under an invisible blanket of our true self. The most Swedish people would loose their mind if they experienced the life in South Africa. The more I travel, the more I meet people and hear about their lives, specially the more I get involved with “extreme” activities, the more REAL, passionate, interesting, life living people I meet, and they are all awesome in creating their own life and are so kind to others. But classified as CRAZY by the society

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. Perhaps that´s why I fit in so well…

Emotions in skydiving is far more than only the falling part. There is a whole flight trip up to the sky. Oh yes, guess if a trip of 10 or 20 minutes before your skydive will take you on a journey of its own. It allows a lot of time to feel the respect of this activity. Some “what ifs” voices and some more scenarios of potential malfunction to deal with. But hey, we are all super excited and STOKED, because we know we gonna absolutely LOVE what is about to come. In the end it is our own responsibility to make it alive to the ground, and we just keep that in mind.

So at the top, somewhere around 14-16000 feet, the plane is setting up for our jumping spot.. The Red light switches on. That’s the sign.. To be ready, no more thinking. Plane flattens out. The emergency alarm start hooting, the plane is now in risk for stalling/loosing ability to fly and can fall down out of the sky if it stays in this position. Green Light, everybody have to get The fuck out, now (Steve made that very clear in my first King Air plane experience haha)! Remember, the plane is still moving fast, and if people or a group of jumpers take their time, the plane can either stall or the rest of us loose the landing spot by kilometers.  First time experience this, it was a quite hectic experience, a “what the f*** is happening moment”, trust the process and keep calm, this is it- LET´S GO!

The moment I am out there. I just feel myself smiling big. The life is right there right that moment. Up until recently I have been doing a lot of student flying, which more or less means learning to set a falling skill foundation, to be altitude aware, control the basic falling moves up to that point you gotta PULL and fly your canopy the rest of the way down. We are drilling different moves and tasks, it all feels like a fun interesting mission, so I stay focused. But something in the back of my mind is trying to trigger and want to tell me something is not right, almost like  electricity against each other, saying “what, what, what are you doing, you falling!!”. But I stay chilled, keep smiling and got this!

But really, we are falling. Towards the damn ground! It is nothing like it… It is its own world and life. Nothing I know can be more present and nothing else has made me respect life so much like this. <3

If you read this far, my message to you will be:

Don´t worry about becoming a perfect someone for someone else. Be the perfect you, for yourself and for what is important for you <3

Thanks for sharing the crazy life Skydive Robertson and Mosselbay in South Africa.


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