I would love to give an extra Thank You and Appreciation to some of you that is helping me on my journey to live the lifestyle I have chosen to live, and for footage capturing my moments and to you that are sharing your life passion with mine in your own stories.

Sky dive Mosselbay, Skydive Robertson, Skydive Cape Town, Bruce Chrystal and Cameron Rein from FONE Kites and Manera, Reinhardt Fourie from ATOS Jiu- Jiutsu and MiWater, David Dornback from Camp Fight, Amazing media footage from Grant Powell, Jan Du Toit, Shawn Van Zyl, Jason Children Photography, Tristan Wrench,  ElanaTravel With Elana. Rob Stimson in Australia for beliving in me, making me the Australian Amateur champion 2010 and let me face and deal with the biggest challenges in Professional boxing, Francois Groenevald for Bjj, Rodrique for surf and ElbrusFilm Equus for all time spending on your farm.

Alex and Jaco from Networds for making a new face to my website so I can continue inspiring about lifestyle and dreams.

Last but not close to least all the Stunt Companies and Coordinators believing in me and inspiring me to be the super hero, zombie, rebell and all other crazy characters my imagination can think of.


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