I am waking up everyday with one thing in my heart: To Live Life.

I was born and raised in a small town in Sweden, Borås, together with my family who inspired me from very young age to visualize about all kinds of adventures around the world. There is nothing extraordinary about how I grew up and I didn’t really have any more benefits than any other child to get where I am today. I am a very ordinary girl that just kept believing life can be good!

FAITH… One of the hardest things to walk with when things seems everything from clear or good.  I have sometimes tried to follow the societies way of living, “the life we are SUPPOSE to live”. As I have, something inside me, is fighting against it and this voice in my heart tells me to go my own way. I don’t even know where that way is, still don’t, but that’s where FAITH comes in. I gotta believe taking a “RISK” and doing what feels right for me.

I was probably 10 years old when I first wanted to live a life as a stunt performer, never really knew how to. As I kept believing in living my life vision, do the things I enjoy the most. 20 years later I am now working as a full time Stunt Performer and already been doubling actresses like Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Bryce Dallas Howard, Daniella Savre, Christina Ochoa and living the adventurous life of fighting, sky diving, kite surfing, surfing, diving, hiking that I have been dreaming off since I was a baby.

I am still walking, and only time will tell where I will be next <3


Thanks to following this inner drive, my heart, and never let go of my visions I am only getting closer and closer to the free life of my dreams.

2014 – Present: Discovered Cape Town and moved “Home

2010-2011: Lived in Mooloolaba, Australia for 1,5 years – Amateur and Professional Fighting

2008-2009 : Lived on Mallorca, Spain almost a year

2006-2007 : Lived in Washington DC and Fort Lauderdale, USA for one year

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