..Yesterday I was standing on my head on a sailing boat with the beautiful view over Cape Town. The day before I was on an awesome fight stunt course..Things are happening, I keep experiences many different views and places that I wish for, meeting more and more people I connect with..  My lifestyle I have chosen seem to “pay off” with more goodness than “lessons” now a days.

I have learnt and I keep understanding what I want, what I need, what choices will lead me to the life I want to live. All this so far, I have developed by taking a lot of risks, trusting my guts, changing my jobs, moving around the world, knowing a lot of different people, ending up in the less good paths, fight my way back up many times, all this to understand where and with what I feel the most happy with..

With awareness along the way, I now remember the feelings, the signs of what is right for me. Remembering that, than it is kind of obvious that I will use my experiences I have got this far to make better choices and end up in better places with better surrounding without taking my normal “detours”. It is a path with risks, pain and challenges along the way.. And I LOVE IT..

Hard times will always get better and when they they do, you deserve them, you feel it.. It is soo rewarding!..and I, just want more!

Choices.. It is your life.. What do you want?

One important thing life have taught me, no matter how independent I am,  it is so important to have people in your life you to GROW with and LEARN from. We can choose the people to be with, people that believe in us and gives us energy

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. Good connection or chemistry we won´t find everywhere or all the time, but the people we feel that strong connection with, can last forever. A strong friendship for me won´t have to be part of my  life forever, but the time I have with them will always be inspiring and more  important different times in life, therefor good chemistry with people will always last.

Good connection with people, good friends, (for me) will bring each other up and drive each other to move on further on our own lives

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. We will give and will will take, we will learn and we will inspire..  I don’t think it is wrong to move on and “leave” good friends, we are all individuals, we have different goals, different personalities, people we connect with will always stay in our hearts. A challenging part of this is to be patient, there will be people with mind-set similar to yours, but not everywhere. I like to allow myself lonely times. Time away from people, it makes me think and that´s the time I actually learn more about myself. 


Sailing capetown

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2 responses to “Why we get things and how things keep happening.. The result of different actions”

  1. Åh va jag önskar att jag träffat dig tidigare, samtidigt som jag är så glad för den tid jag fick ihop med dig innan du åkte:)
    Jag är så otroligt tacksam för din hjälp och ditt pepp, du är en ständig inspirationskälla i mitt liv. Blir så glad av att läsa din blogg o förstår att du trivs o mår bra, det är så härligt att läsa.
    Saknar dig som bara den
    Fortsätt att njuta av livet:)

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